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Drainage Sheet

Geocomposite Drainage

Is made of plastic core and outer filtering cloth. In the state of hot melting, it is formed into three-D network structure. It has two shapes: rectangle and round. This kind of pipe has some advantages: good drainage, high pressure resistance, light weight, so it is very popular in some projects....Chat Now

It is a tri-dimensional net structure,made of plastic strips after welding and extrusion.On the surface,geotextile can be coated on both sides.

Thickness:3-20cm,width and length can be customized.



a)With the high voltage-resistance and high aperture ratio,it can collect water from surroundings and drain in level direction.

b)After coated by non woven geotextile,it can collect the rain water and sewage underground without any block.


Road basement drainage in railway,highway,filtration in retaining wall,slope drainage,drainage in lawn,garden,waste water treatment,landfill and other projects.



Manufactured in China as per international standards.

Excellent quality product by the specialist.

Wide range of products to meet the exact requirement.

Easily delivery.

Economical design solution.

Use the best and world-wide raw material.

Use all indigenous material.

Manufacturing,support facility is ISO 9001 certified.

In house testing of products.

Our products are highly accepted product worldwide.

We supply all over China as well as export to all around the world.



Quality assurance

1.On a regular basis or as per your request,we entrust national testing agencies to conduct quality inspections

2.Strictly in accordance with the ISO9001-2008 international quality system standard,we monitor and manage the whole process throughout production,quality testing,and measurement to ensure product quality

3.  For quality-related construction delay or substandard construction(except for damage or losses due to customer’s responsibility or irresistible natural disasters),we have refunding,replacement,and repair services.We will respond to customers’ feedbacks on quality issues within 24 hours.