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Geocell Driveway

Geocell is a net-shaped cell structure made by welding high intensity thermoplastic sheet. It is flexible and folded during transportation, stretching out and being filled with stone or concrete during service, and forming into structure with powerful lateral confinement and rigidity....Chat Now


Plastic geocell is one new type geosynthetics material,basic sheet is high-molecular polymer,connected by riveds or ultrasonic welded to three dimensional net work structure,unfold it and dill in sand,gravel and clay etc,when used at construction site.

According to customer’s requirement,cut holes or carve arabesquitic in order to increase its lateral permeable ability,also increase the friction and binding force with the foundation material.



HDPE Geocell

Regular Material Height


Regular Welding distance


Regular Material Thickness


Standard Finished

Smooth Surface with Hole Textured Surface with Hole Smooth Surface without Hole Textured Surface without Hole

Geocell Products widely used in construction, such as highway, railway, bridge, dyke, etc., the honeycomb grid can be filled with various materials provides a solution for erosion control, load support and earth retention projects.




1. Retractile,foldable when transportation,pulled to network when construction,fill in the siol gravel,concrete etc.loose materials,form one structure with strong lateral limitations and high stiffness

2. Material is light,abrasion resistance,chemical properties stable,resist photooxidation aging,acid and alkali resistant,suitable for different soil and soil conditions,such as desert.

3. Good lateral restrict and prevent slppery,prevent deformation,effectively enhance the bearing capacity of subgrade and dispersed loads function

4. The geocell height and welding distance etc. Geometric dimensions are all changeable in order to meet the requirements of different projects.

5. Capable and easily be expanded or contracted,small size for transportation,easy for connect and construction speed is fast.


1. Used for the stability of railway roadbed

2. To stabilize the desert highway roadbed

3. Used in the govermance of shallow water channel

4. Used for foundation reinforcement of retaining wall,wharf,levee

5. For the management of desert,beaches and river banks



Production line of geocell


Q1. Can you do OEM?
A1. Yes.of course.We can produce the products as per your request.
If you can offer samples to us,it will be more convenient.
Q2. If I want to order a small quantity goods,can you do it?
A2. If the product you need we have stock available,that would be great,you can choose the instock goods. 
but if not, don’t worry, we can take your order with our other clients’ order to be produced together.
But it needs to wait some time .
Q3. Can I get a sample from your company?Should I pay for the express fee?
A3. If you can accept our available sample,we can offer free sample to you.
If you want a customized sample,we can renegotiate the cost.
About the express fee,please offer a freight collected account and pay for the express fee by your side.
After confirming your order, the sample’s freight cost will be deducted from your order’s total cost.
Q4. How will you follow my order?
A4. When the goods are started to produce,we will take photos for the goods and send it to you.
If you find any production deficiencies,please contact us to correct it.
We will keep in touch with you in the whole production by e-mail or instant messaging, like Skype/Viber/WhatsApp, you can get the latest news about your order.
After the goods are finish,we will take photos for the goods and packing to you before shipping.
Q5. What is your exporting countries?
A5. We have good sales performance and win good international reputation in more than 15 

Countries and regions,such as Japan, America, Australia,Russia, Canada,Middle East and so on.Especially in the Middle East and Australia market.

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