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Unidirectional Tensile Geogrid
Nov 08, 2018

The uniaxially stretched geogrid is a kind of high-molecular polymer as the main raw material, and a certain anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging additive is added. After uniaxial stretching, the original distributed scattered chain molecules are rearranged in a linear state. High-strength geotechnical material which is extruded into a thin plate and then punched into a regular hole net and then longitudinally stretched. In this process, the polymer is oriented in a linear state and forms a long elliptical network-like integral structure with uniform distribution and high joint strength. This structure has a relatively high tensile strength and tensile modulus, tensile strength of 100-300KN / m, close to the level of low carbon steel, much better than traditional or existing reinforced materials, especially the company These products have a high international level (earth rate of 2% - 5%) tensile strength and tensile modulus. A chain system that provides the ideal force to bear and spread the soil. The product has a high tensile strength (>150Mpa) and is suitable for various soils.