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Erosion control products(PART Ⅰ )
Dec 11, 2018

                                     SLOPE PROTECTION

Slope protection,which was used to resist sliding of slope and prevent severe erosion caused by surface runoff .In order to Stabilize the upper soil layer of the slope,orallow steeper slopes to be built, many solutions we had provided to solve this.





----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                          1. Degradable nutrition blanket

It is  a new degradable blanket,made of two layers plastic net  with natural coconut fiber in the center.


Slopeprotection:highway,railway,imageriver slope protection and landscape 


2.Garden landscape:golf course and other greening projects

3.Desert governance:improvement project in desert and salinization area

4.Roof garden:roof garden landscaping projects

5.Gardening:botanic garden like grape garden,peach garden and Seed seedling project.




Properties111    图片1      2

Tri-dimension cavum can fix the grass in the soil.It is light and easy for construction


Protect vegetation and prevent loss of water and erosion of soil,used in slope protection and grassing in

highway,railway,airport,rivers,greening in gardens and soil-fixation in deserts etc.






Geocell Geomacell system is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is a lightweight, expandable cellular confinement system creating an erosion barrier or structural foundation. It is used for erosion control on slopes, for slopes stabilization, reiforcement of stream beds etc. Various types of the fill can be used in the system (soil, aggregate, concrete).

The Geocell greatly reduces erosion from weather and heavy or repetitive traffic. The perforation pattern through each cell and weld allows water to drain freely without washing out the material. The textured surface provides additional material retention. It is ideal for use in the construction of slopes and embankments prone to eroding, as well as driveways, roads, parking lots, horse paddocks and animal containment areas, trails and much more. 

If being used for a driveway or road installation we highly recommend using 3/8" or 3/4" compacting gravel as fill, otherwise there can be a quicksand effect which can cause the geocell to become pushed up out of the ground.




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