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Anti-skid HDPE Geomembrane

Product name: HDPE anti skid point geomembrane....Chat Now

Points evenly distributed with increased friction,and the appearance is very beautiful.The two sides of geomembrane can be of melted together by different colour and materials.We can produce right side or reverse side of products according to geological conditions and processing of hot-welt,extrude,press prelong,extension in reasonable controlling,which increase products’ tensile strength puncture strength,abrasion resistance.It retains superior mechanical property and excellent elongation and stable chemical property of raw materials and through adding functional auxiliaries agents in fixed proportion.Which improved product’s functions of anti-acid&alkali and anti-corrosion.It’s tensile strength 3 times higher than normal textured geomembrane.

1.Features high friction ,anti-seepage,anti-pollution,anti-skid function,easy for construction
2.Typical application ideal materials in landfill,anti-seepage and anti-fouling project for separation,waterproofing and anti-pollution.

ASTM Double Sides Anti-skid Point Surface HDPE Geomembrane Liner  With High Friction Coefficient.



Length :

50m/roll,100m/roll,150m/roll or follow your request 


1m-6m or follow customers' demand


White,Black,Green,Blue,mainly black







Product' Features

1.Good physical and mechanic performance.high friction coefficient.

2.High tearing resistance, strong deformation adaptability.
3.Puncture-resisting, aging resisting, ultra-violet radiation, oil and salt, and corrosion resistance.
4.Good adaptability to high and low temperature, non-toxicity, long service life.
5.Good waterproof, drainage, anti-seepage and damp proof effects.
6.Complete width and thickness specifications, low cost and easy installation.


Prevent leakage disposal in landfill or waste water or waste dregs disposing field.
River bank,lake dam,mine remainings,reservoir,tunnel,liquid storage pool(pit,mine)
Preventing leakage in subway,basement,tunnel,hole.
Anti-salt leskage in roadbed and other groundsill.
The plane direction laying of dam,the vertical direction laying for groundsill,used in the construction fence and waste material field.
Used in groundsill of road,highway,railway and waterproof layer of swelling clay and wet collapsed loess.

Preventing leakage on rooftop.



XINYU Geosynthetics aims to provide integrated, innovative and geosynthetic-related products and services to global engineering tasks. With an Accurate, Collaborative and Efficient approach, XINYU constantly strives to meet customer’s expectation and requirement through our expertise and experience to provide the most suitable product and service. We consider XINYU Geosynthetics a qualified products provider, a trusted business partner and a socially responsible company.



After-sales service

1.In order to provide customers with comprehensive technical support,we will provide technical and other related information upon request in a timely manner.

2.In required,we will appoint specialized technicians to the construction site to give technical trainings to construction people,and offer technical guidance throughout the whole construction process.

3.For damage due to shipment and delivery,after we receive the complaint,we will check the issure through provided pictures and videos.If our responsibility is confirmed,we wil offer free replacement.

4.When the construction is completed,as your request,our technical staff may participate in the final acceptance.

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