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Name:HDPE water pipe
Color:Black, blue or as client's requireme
Length:5.8M/pc,6m/pc,11.8m/pc,12m/pc or coil ppe as request
Custom Order:YES
Use:Potable water pipe, irrigation mai
Packing:Pipes in container, paper box for fitting...Chat Now


PE100 PE80






0.6Mpa  0.8Mpa  1.0Mpa  1.25Mpa 1.6Mpa






1.Non-toxic,apply to drinking water supply widely

2.Green initiaive,pe is a recycled material,environment friendly
3.Corrosion resistance,pe belongs to inert material,s  canresistance to various chemical media
4.Light weight,easy to transport and install,lower   maintance costs
5.Non-leakage,pe pipe be connected by electric welding


Our Product Advantages

1.HDPE pipe has the advantages of safety, sanitation and convenient construction, and has become the ideal pipe for urban water supply

2. HDPE pipeline has unique corrosion resistance, which can be used for the transportation or discharge of various acid salt salts, which can lead to long life, low cost and low maintenance cost

3 HDPE pipeline has a unique wear resistance of four times, which can be widely used for conveying  mineral sand, coal ash of power plant, mud of river dredging, etc.

4. Landscaping needs a lot of water pipeline, HDPE pipeline is low cost, it is worth promoting

5. Due to the resistance of HDPE pipe and excellent insulation performance, and its own anti-pressure and lift force, it is often used in many electric power threading construction.


Product range of applications 

1. Town water pipe network system

Large-diameter PE pipe, non-toxic hygiene, non-scaling, more suitable for urban water supply pipe and buried pipe, safety and health, construction convenience.

2. Replaceable cement pipe, cast iron pipe and steel pipe

Without a large area of excavation, construction convenience, low cost. Can be widely used in the transformation of the old pipe network.

3. Industrial raw material pipelines

Chemical, chemical fiber, food, forestry, pharmaceuticals, light industry, papermaking, metallurgy and other industrial raw material pipe.

4. Landscaping water supply network

Landscaping need a large number of water pipelines, PE pipe flexibility and low cost, making it the best choice.

5. Sewage discharge pipe

PE pipe has a unique corrosion resistance, can be used for industrial wastewater, sewage discharge, low cost and maintenance costs.

6. Agricultural irrigation pipes

PE pipe wall smooth, large flow, cross-road construction, impact resistance, is ideal for agricultural irrigation pipe.


Manufactured in China as per international standards.

Excellent quality product by the specialist.

Wide range of products to meet the exact requirement.

Easily delivery.

Economical design solution.

Use the best and world-wide raw material.

Use all indigenous material.

Manufacturing,support facility is ISO 9001 certified.

In house testing of products.

Our products are highly accepted product worldwide.

We supply all over China as well as export to all around the world.


Quality assurance

1.On a regular basis or as per your request,we entrust national testing agencies to conduct quality inspections

2.Strictly in accordance with the ISO9001-2008 international quality system standard,we monitor and manage the whole process throughout production,quality testing,and measurement to ensure product quality

3.  For quality-related construction delay or substandard construction(except for damage or losses due to customer’s responsibility or irresistible natural disasters),we have refunding,replacement,and repair services.We will respond to customers’ feedbacks on quality issues within 24 hours.