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Composite Geogrid

Composite geogrids are manufactured by heat bonding a polypropylene biaxial geogrid to a needle punched nonwoven geotextile. They combine reinforcement of problematic soils with the additional functions of separation and filtration. Its design allows the biaxial geogrid to create a strong mechanical interlock with the aggregate and for the nonwoven geotextile to filter and separate the soil. Various tensile strengths are available....Chat Now


Filter layer is non woven geotextile and the reinforced layer was biaxial plastic geogrid, produced by a proprietary process.



Gram weight of the filter Iayer: 150g/㎡ ~ 300g/㎡

Tensile strength of the reinforced layer:15-15kN/m ~ 50-50kN/m


1.In the field of reinforcement technology, two products with different functions

combined into one, which have comprehensive function. Both the high strength

performance of reinforcements and drainage anti-filtering.

2.Can be laid at one-time in the engineering application, saving construction cost, reduce the construction labor, save a lot of project expenses.


Used in railways, roads, working platform and access road of soft soil foundation , preventsubsidence, shorten the construction period, save construction cost.



Production line of composite geogrid


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