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Plastic Geomat

Geomat Erosion Control is a three-dimensional mat made from extruded and bi-oriented polyethylene grids. The underside of the mat is made flat to provide even contact with the prepared soil surface. The upper surface is made cuspated to provide excellent soil retention. The three dimensional structure retains a layer of top soil and anchors the growing grass roots thus providing a stable surface highly resistant the forces of rain drops and run off....Chat Now


3 Three dimensional formats also known as the three dimensional geotextile mat ,is a three dimensional network structures made of polymer synthetic materials . It is used for planting grass and fixing soil , loosely and pliable , leaving 90% space to fill soil , gravel and fine stone.The roots of plants can pass through it and grow comfortably , neatly and evenly , and the reticulate mats are made after long formation . The surface of the SOD and soil is firmly combined . As the roots of the plant can be 30 - 40cms below the surface of the earth , a solid layer ofgreen composite protective layer is formed .


Three dimensional geo net slope protection technology has integrated the advantages of geotextile and plant slope protection, and played a role of composite slope protection. When the vegetation coverage of the slope reaches more than 30%, it can withstand the scour of light rain. When the coverage reaches more than 80%, it can withstand the scour of rainstorm. When the plant grows luxuriant, it can resist erosion of runoff flow up to 6m/s, more than 2 times that of ordinary turf. The composite protective layer formed after plant growth can withstand high water level and large velocity scour. Three-dimensional geonet cushion can replace concrete, asphalt, riprap and other slope protection materials, mainly used for highway, railway, river, embankment, hillside and other slope protection. 

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1.Before the greensward grows, it prevents the surface of the land from the erosion of the wind and rain.
2 .Form compound protection layer with the vegetable, standing the wash-out of the high water level and large speed current.
3.Replace the concrete, asphalt, and block, using in the slope surface protection of roadway, railway, river-way, dyke, and the hillside, etc.


1. When construction can use small bamboo pole or small stick to wear in the whole coil net cushion, spread out to pull out stick, surround with bamboo nail, wooden nail or plastic nail, the nail distance is 30cm, each square meter 10 nails.

2. The length of nails is generally 15cm (from the ground), and the loose surface should lengthen the length of nails. When laying in the high slope, the length of the nails used should be longer than the length of the nail in the lower slope.

3. The topographic mutation or the terrain is more complicated, should be careful to keep the net pad level, and to increase the nail density.

4. Attention lap.The lap length is 2cm, the connecting pin should be nailed in, the density of the nail should double, and the upper layer of the lap joint should be close, without leaving the gap.

5. In the shape of the nail, the upper end of the nail should be greater than 2 times the diameter of the mesh, so that it can also have a vertical suppression effect.

6. Seed sowing depth should be according to the soil information, adjust measures to local conditions, grass should choose to suit the local climate conditions, root length, and rich grass seed, have long roots of perennial small shrubs in between is better.

7. Grass seed seeding depth should be in the mat, so as to enhance the effectiveness of the compound protection layer.

8, After seeding, the topsoil cover should be covered by covering the net.Don't expose the mat to the sun.However, it is important to take care of the seed germination and growth.

9. After seeding, the water content of the upper layer should be 40 to 50%.It is pressurized on top surface to help seed germination.

10. When the net mat is laid at the top of the slope, the vertical joint of the net cushion should be 60 degrees and buried 30cm in the soil.Bottom should be over 50 cm level, because of the side slope engineering of the water content was much lower than the lower layer, is not conducive to seed germination, gauze pad should be in the 20 cm suitable holding open a ditch, top place for irrigation.

11. The timing is the key to the whole project (when used on the slope), usually in the first three to four months before the rainy season.Let the turf have some time.


1,Cannot be used as the surface protection material.

2,Only the surface planting grass slope, cannot use as deep reinforcement material.

3,When used for river slope protection, the construction should be completed in the first three months of the rainy season. In order to ensure the high water level above the grassy slope is firmly formed.



SHANDONG XINYU is specialized in the research,development,production and sales of geosynthetic materials, plastic products.Our Company is devoted to geosynthetic material and plastic research, development and application.

Our company is in strict accordance with national standards and related standards. We have advanced detection instruments. Our company passed ISO9001 and other quality system authentication. We also been assessed by SGS and got their certificate.

Our company provides before-sales, in-sales and after-sales services. We wish to cooperate sincerely with friends at home and abroad, paint the grand blueprint and create brilliance together.


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1) Q: Do you provide free samples?

A: Yes, sure, we provide free samles for your testing.
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A: By shipping, airflight, express.
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A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge and you only pay for freight. If you place an order we can return the freight fee to you.
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A: Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shipment.
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