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Warp knitted composite geotextile
Nov 08, 2018

Warp-knitted composite geotextile is a new type of geotechnical material which is made of glass fiber (or synthetic fiber) as a reinforcing material and combined with staple fiber needle-punched non-woven fabric.

Warp-knitted composite geotextiles are different from general woven fabrics. The biggest feature is that the intersections of the warp and the weft are not bent, and each is in a straight state. Bundle the two together with a binding wire, which can be more evenly synchronized, withstand external forces, distribute stress, and when the applied external force tears the material instantaneously, the yarn will gather along the initial crack and increase the tear strength.

When the warp knitting is compounded, the warp knitting bundle is used to repeatedly travel between the weft and the fiber layers of the staple fiber needle-punched geotextile, so that the three are knitted into one. Therefore, the warp-knitted composite geotextile has the characteristics of high tensile strength, low elongation, and the performance of the needle-punched nonwoven fabric. Therefore, the warp-knitted composite geotextile is a kind of reinforced reinforcement, isolation protection, and has a good three-dimensional overall normal and horizontal water and water. Because of its solid matrix and pores, it has a continuous phase and becomes a multi-porous filtering effect. It is a multifunctional geocomposite. It is the world's high-level application of geocomposite substrates.